Mandy’s Kind Of Valentines


What makes this flower so special to Mandy? Her husband Richard is not that kind of “sweet” man one can think of. He was not used in giving flowers or chocolates or even gifts on special day. Mandy do that to him, but him? It’s just something he is not used to which Mandy understand though she always told him ” I am just a girl, and not being materialistic, but receiving gifts is my love language. ” Though she knows understanding and honesty is more important than anything else. Richard told Mandy that morning and he was about to look for flower outside so he can give it to her when she woke up but she can’t find it. He didn’t go to work cos he wanted to make his wife’s valentines day extra special.

Mandy,in the meantime, just wanted to give happiness to her mom. She visited her mother bringing some simple cake she bought from the store. She told Richard that as soon as he is finished paying their bills, they will meet up in a mall and maybe eat. Mandy arrived late at their meeting place but Richard was bored and go somewhere. Mandy looked for him as she knew he would return to see if she arrived already. Then Mandy saw him carrying the plastic flower and suddenly she cried with happiness. It’s not that super beautiful flower that could cost a thousand but for her it is more than that. She have seen a person trying to fight what he used to be just to make her partner happy. While they are strolling around, the plastic flower was lost and Richard noticed when they sat in the table to eat. They traced up there paths in the hope of finding it. But then, unfortunately they have not found it. When they got home, she got a cut out a small torch flower and place it instead.

Marriage life is like that. We learn to do the things even if we are not comfortable of doing so just because it can make your partner happy. We somehow trip over and overlook the things that were important for others but what’s important is we try to look for what was lost and the best thing to do it is to do it with your partner. And lastly, even if there are things that were lost, don’t fret for it and maybe, God has plans of exchanging it to a more beautiful one. Like the plastic flower that was gone, he says its better because you can keep it forever but Mandy believes, she don’t want something that would last but isn’t true. A real flower wont last long but she can always keep it alive as she can always pick a flower from their garden to replace the withered one. Both husband and wife can always find something new to rekindle their love if they feel something is wrong.


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