Hubby’s Lesson 101

I admit that I somehow very vocal when I see things are wrong in front of me. I know that it’s a good thing to stand up and correct, but I am also aware that when I do it out of hate and not out of love for others, it’s all too wrong.

My husband used to tell me how he got pissed of by a fish vendor ( lets call him brand x) which is not a homeowner of our village. Brand x asked other fish vendor how much per kilo their fish cost and then suddenly shouts out that brand x fish cost cheaper. One time, a buyer is currently buying from his suki ( favorite vendor)and then suddenly this brand x’ bangus (milkfish) cost cheaper than that fish vendor. So the buyer would think next time I will buy to brand x but then suddenly another buyer asked brand x that he would buy bangus to him. Then brand x would refuse cos he doesnt really have bangus at all.

So now, I know his dirty tricks. He went to our store and talked to our neighbor that a fish vendor wont tell him how much his fish cost and laughs at it. Out of my annoyance with him, I suddenly butt in, ” why are you asking? Are you going to buy to him?” Then he said, so that he would know and maybe will sell his stuff at the same price as his. But I know that was not the main reason. He wants to outwit the other vendors. So I say, that is being rude of you. He suddenly defended how was that rude when he was just asking. So I just tell myself, well I know you don’t know when you are rude or not.

I told my husband about this. He said why did I do that. First of all, I was not a part of the conversation and he did not ask my opinion. I was like, ok, and I realized I was being rude by butting in to conversations I was not even a part of. Secondly, I should not engage in conversations that might lead us to a fight. Or else, they would talk about us and say things against me without my knowledge. So I should have tame my tongue especially when it was burst out of my annoyance. But that was not my reaction when he said it to me. I was a bit angry with all these lectures he gave and I was like making a wall not to accept that what he says was right. It would take me an hour, I guess to accept it…that’s basically me…