hate in my heart


a love for myself from a hate in my heart
how can this possibly be
i ought to love myself by learning to build that hate
hate by showing unforgiveness and avoid despair

i detest to see you and i should learn to forget you
i should not wait to see you go
as i will go ahead of you
walking out through my door

i don’t want to give in to your selfish emotion
if you ask for my forgiveness i can forgive
but knowing in my heart that my solution
should all these things you’ve done i shouldn’t forget

you know me well and my weaknesses
you know how to get in and used up my senses
you drained me up and enjoy all my expenses
now i lost everything without my defenses

i now mark this very day
i now record all what you say
so that when the time comes you asking for a new start
i will shield myself with all these hate in my heart