My Wedding Day

The Big Day happened last 4 months ago. I wed. Every woman dreamt of saying “I do” to the man God has sent you to be their better half wearing that long white gown while walking down the aisle. It was something you feel like you are the most beautiful girl the whole world as all their eyes are on you. My husband and I are very much hands on from preparation up to the wedding day as we hire no wedding planner. We only tapped few of my friends to help with the program.

Can you believe it, I can still had my dream wedding for less than 50,000 pesos?

Bridal Gown Rental 2,500.00
Groom’s Barong
Bridal Entourage (set including parents)

Brides Personal Needs
Bride’s accessories ( jewelries )
Dress after the wedding
Bride’s Sandal

Groom’s Personal Needs
Groom’s shoes
Groom’s accessories

Wedding Ring (set with engrave) 1,000

Arraeh (13 pcs. Of coins/ old coins will do)
Reception ( 50 persons @ 150/hd) 7,500.00

Photo ( edited CD – labor only ) ( sister’s effort)
Video ( edited DVD – labor only )
Bridal Entourage Make-up 1,000.00

Flower arrangement 5,000.00
(Church & Reception, Wedding Car,Corsage, Bouquet )

Church Payment 2,500.00
Wedding Mesalettes
Church Genser
Pre-cana Seminar Fee 300.00
Matrimonial Candles (2 pcs – big) 200
Hotel for Bride Pictorials/Preparations – Food

Church Choir 1,500.00

Wedding Cake 3,500.00

Wedding Invitations 800.00

Give-aways ( donated by my sister)

Bridal Car (free use) –

Signature Frame 1,500.00

Hotel- 500.00

Guest Book


Offertory Expenses
(flowers, 2 candles with glass, fruits & envelopes for parents) 500.00

Wedding Album –

2 Lechons ( sponsored by bride’s sister and groom’s sister)

Others/contingencies (Food during ganas) 10,000

There are other expenses before the wedding like getting all the requirements in the City Hall. We could have opt to bigger venues or a grand one but I know there are more expenses that needs more attention when you are starting a new life, like a new house and the things inside the house and most of all, I don’t want to face this new life with debts. This was a dream to me since a word from a person close to me said that a church wedding is just a waste of money and expensive. Like you can’t get wed if you have at least 200,000 pesos in the bank. Why most people with no money just opted for a civil wedding or just living in.

I don’t have anything against those who spent too much for a wedding, if they can afford. But I guess if you get a loan just to have that wedding you have in mind is not practical at all. It is so sad to know that I had one person I know who had her wedding dream and spend, I guess, a half million and then after that his husband went out of the country just to pay their debts. After 2 years of their marriage(maybe because of their distance), it went insoluble.

Marriage, after all, is not the wedding day itself. It is what happened after the wedding. If both of you have truly fulfilled your vows to be with each other, for better or for worse, in sickness and in health, in richer or poorer, till death do you part.


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